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Join the Mindspun Payments Beta Program

Our developers are hard at work getting ready for launch, and we’re hoping you can try it out before we launch and provide some feedback.

What is Mindspun Payments?

What is Mindspun Payments?

Our goal is for anyone to quickly create and manage Stripe subscriptions within WordPress:

  • Handle Stripe subscriptions, licenses and accounts.
  • 1-click syncing of Stripe products and subscriptions.
  • WordPress native and customizable to your theme.
  • Get going in minutes.
How you can help.

How can you help?

We’re more interested in your feedback about the UX and flow than bug reporting.

If someone can’t get going within 5 minutes we want to know what the blocker was. We also welcome feedback about the UI.

Once signed up, we’ll send you instructions to get going and how to provide feedback. We will also send you a survey towards the end of the program.

How you can help.

A Small Token of Appreciation

We appreciate that your time is valuable. Once the beta program is over you’ll be able to use the plugin FREE for 12 months, and renew it at a 50% discount thereafter.